Alexander McQueen's Exhibit in NYC

A couple of weeks ago my sister Hussna and I went to go visit my Aunt and Uncle in Darien, Connecticut. They surprised us with four tickets to Alexander McQueen's exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and boooy were we in for a treat! The exhibit was only being shown for a certain amount of time so you can imagine the lines for it started at the Met and ended at Central Park - no joke! The exhibit celebrated the late Alexander McQueen's magnificent contributions to fashion, and featured about 100 ensembles from the Alexander McQueen Archive in London. Themes of romantic primitivism, traditionalism, and exoticism were evident throughout the exhibit, but what intrigued me most was the theme of romantic naturalism that imbued many of his pieces. Nature was the greatest influence for McQueen and was the central theme of Romanticism. Hence, nature was a locus for ideas and concepts that McQueen drew upon. My favorite ensembles were the ones overlaid with pheasant feathers and red and black died ostrich feathers. McQueen artfully transposed the beauty of birds to a woman. 

Many of the ensembles were PFH or could be easily altered for PFH preferences. The PFH pieces ranged from long sleeve dresses to intricately embellished skirts to pant suits. I especially loved the ruffled long sleeve dress I posted below. I was so inspired by the designs, colors, unique styles, and fabrics! You weren't allowed to take pictures inside the exhibit but I managed to sneak a few from the book that was made about the exhibit, check out!