Edge + Elegance = the perfect city look

When I was back East for the holidays, I made to sure to take a trip to New York for a couple of days because, well, we all know the big apple is always a good idea. Anyone who has been to NYC during the winter knows how magical it is. It truly is a world of it’s own. The weather was really lovely and gave me the opportunity to wear the ultimate “winter in the city” outfit. 

I have been waiting to wear these leather (pleather really) jeggings since I first laid my eyes on them. I absolutely adore them and I gotta say my favorite thing about them is that they are two-toned. They have stretch fabric on the back and leather fabric on the front. I mean that’s the epitome of perfection, right? I’ve been trying to find a pair that are not too form-fitting and that are also flattering, since leather fabric can sometimes make legs appear larger than what they actually are. So believe me when I say I was beyooond overjoyed when I found these gems. 

I paired them with these edgy leather booties pictured below. I love the continuity between the pants and the shoes, it was as if these two pieces were meant for each other. I love these booties so much; the caps are detailed with metal hardware that makes them super sleep and edgy.

To top this look off, I wore a long sleeveless vest on top of a sweater for more coverage around the hip area. I love wearing long vests, they are my go-to hack for any time I need extra coverage if my blouse is too short or my pants are too revealing. I decided to tuck in my hijab to make the collar pop. Nothing like a mini vacation in NYC dressed to impress. 

Jeggings: Donna Degnan (similar)  | Vest: Forever 21 

Sweater: Sisters | Shoes: Fergie | Purse: Salvatore Ferragamo | Scarf: KINZA