Gorgeous PFH Gown Available for Purchase!

The main question I get from followers/clients is where can they go to find PFH gowns to wear to fancy occasions such as weddings or engagements. That's why every time I get my hands on one I immediately post about it to make it available to you :) 

PFH Maven, Nora Khalil, is always spotted wearing the most stunning PFH gowns and ensembles. Here she's wearing a Mac Duggal lace lilac nude beaded gown that is absolutely gorgeous and available for purchase! We were able to get our hands on one in a size 8. This gown retails for over $1,000 but is for sale for $350. Here are the exact measurements: measures about 65 length (72 w train), 30 hip, 28 waist, and 32 bust. Drop a comment below if you're interested.