Mango launches line for Ramadan 2015!

The most amazing month is almost upon us in just a few weeks, the Holy month of Ramadan. In preparation for it, some fashion brands are releasing lines that cater to Muslim women. This year Mango is releasing its first ever Ramadan line to be available online and in stores (in Arab countries) starting June 8th.

If you’ve been following my blog I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m such a Mango girl. I always get my hands on great PFH finds there, and in general I love their style. You’ll find that their Ramadan collection includes longer and looser silhouettes to cater to a more modest covered look. They've only released pictures of the gowns and dresses, but the collection will include a range of gowns, tops, palazzo pants, and overalls. Be sure to check them out and support them for their consideration to Muslims during the blessed month of Ramadan. More reason to love them! 

Makes me so happy to see mainstream fashion chains catering to Muslims. Mango isn’t the first though; DKNY released a similar collection last year. I wonder which brand will release the next Ramadan collection! 

Thanks Mango <3