Favorite Fashion Finds in Morocco

Ok I saved the best for last. I promised you in my last post that I’d dedicate a post to showing you my favorite PFH gowns from the wedding I attended in Casablanca. When I say that I was in PFH HEAVEN, I am not exaggerating. Every gown was nicer than the next, and best of all there were no two girls wearing the exact gown because all the dresses were custom made. That’s usually what Moroccan women do when they attend a wedding.

I loved the rich velvet fabrics, intricate detailing, pearl and crystal embellishments, and the flow of the most gorgeous chiffon fabric I’ve ever seen. Next time I’m in Morocco, I’m definitely getting one made. But for now let us relish in these stunning couture masterpiece! I also snuck in a photo of the white kaftan that I wore to the wedding: